Holeshots - najczęsciej zadawane pytania

Sam wykonałeś projekt? Świetnie! Wyślij go nam!

Jeżeli zaprojektowałeś bluzę, koszulkę lub logo, sprawdź czy spełnia ono nasze wymogi.
Zebraliśmy najważniejsze informacje, które pozwolą nam wydrukować Twój projekt w najlepszej jakości

1. RGB color Chart
We are using the RGB color code to print. Please make sure all colors are in RGB before sending in. Below is the list for Ours proven coloros. While we are not limited to color choices, these are the most commonly used colors.
It's important to know that there will be a difference between the way colors are seen on the computer screen, smartphone, tablet and the final product once printed.
Every of the devices uses different hardware and displaying the colors in a bit different way, final color depends also on the fabric used for the product.

2. High Quality raster or Vector file
Our main goal is to deliver highest quality gear, that's why we require that sent artworks or logos are sharp enough to be good visible on the final products.
There are two types of files which can be used: - high quality raster files with the transparent background, - vector graphic files.
Submitted raster files should be at least 150 DPI and 1:1 scale.

What is the vector graphic?
In the shortcut, vector type of graphic not lose the quality when its stretched to big dimensions (required during the print).
To make it more straightforward, we created the image comparison to show You how the files performs when stretched to bigger size.

Raster Image
Vector Image
Vector files gives us also much more control over the file, we can easily adjust the colors, add effect like strokes or shadows. Editing the raster file is possible, however require more time and it’s complicated.
Vector files extensions are *.EPS, *.PDF, *.AI, *.CDR

You don’t have a high quality raster or vector version of the logo?
Don’t worry we are here to help You. Sent us Your files, our designer will check all the possibilities and back to You with the final solution.

3. Fonts needs to be outlined
All fonts and text needs to be outlined/changed to shapes.

4. Bleed zones
Please ensure your artwork has a bleed. A bleed is the space around the artwork that helps to ensure we can print all the way to the sides of the template. Without this bleed we will run into cropping issues when making different sizes of the product, which may delay your order and generate additional costs.
Never send artwork already clipped in a template.
Always sent artwork in square format, in layers and individual pieces. Please keep any important artwork at least 4 cm (2 inches) away from the template sides.

5. Optional Color proof - test print
If You would like to ensure how Your final product will looks like, we can prepare You a design test print on the actual fabric. Its additional service which costs €10/$15

Art Fees
There are no additional art fees associated when You send in your own artwork in the correct format. We wil fix minor placement and color issues if needed for no cost.
If for any reason there is a bigger issue with your artwork, our designer will let you know before working on it. At the point you will have the option of fixing it yourself or having us do it for a small fee. The fee will depend on the amount of work that is involved in fixing the issue.

Logo recreation
This service is used when You already have a logo, but it is not in the correct format. We will recreate it in a vector format for You. Fee for this service depends on difficulty of logo. You need to email us with the image, for a price quote. Please send all quotes to sales[at]jerseysclinic.com

Download template
Do you have an idea in mind and want to draw it up? Download our templates and create a design based on our guidelines. We will fix minor placement and color issues if needed for no cost. Please send info about templates You need to sales[at]jerseysclinic.com.

Design service
Do you have a brief and want to talk to a member of staff about it?
You can contact a member of our friendly team who will guide you through the brief process to help bring your idea to life.

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